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The Assistant Producer’s Role

The Assistant Producer’s role in production is key in determining the success of the project. Let’s have a look at what is needed to be able to do the job well.

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Executive Producer’s Role

The Executive Producer shoulders the blame and praise for a well executed project. This is a potentially fantastic opportunity to make things happen and make it work!

Writing the Short Screenplay

Trying your hand at the short screenplay opens up other channels to get your work seen, read, and maybe even made. For novice and experienced screenwriters alike, the short film script is a great way to gain exposure. More helpful tips.

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What Does a Movie Producer Do?

Executive Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager – no matter the title, a Producer’s responsibilities include everything from pitching scripts to feeding the crew.

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How Movies are Designed

A respectable film involves more than an interesting plot; filmmakers must also carefully consider the design of the film to convey the desired meaning.

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Is Film School Worth it?

How do you decide whether to attend film school, and what program is right for you? You will need to identify what your long-term goals are in the film business.