The End Credits Order in Movies

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End credits appear at the end of a film as the name indicates. They’re also known as closing or tail credits. The grouping of the these movie titles as to which go at the beginning as opening credits or at the end as closing credits varies from film to film, but most of the time they follow a similar pattern.

Movie Titles as Opening or End Credits

If at the beginning of a film only the introductory movie credits like the distribution and production companies and the title are mentioned then the end credits would start with the following (usually as opening credits):

  • The Stars
  • Other Cast
  • Casting by
  • Costume Design
  • Music by or Music Design
  • Editing
  • Production Design
  • Director of Photography or Cinematographer
  • Visual Effects and/or Special Effects
  • Executive Producer(s)
  • Producer(s)
  • Written by or Screenplay by
  • Director

End or Closing Credits- All the People Involved in Producing the Film

In the film credits order what would follow is the complete cast and stunts; and then it would mention the rest of the people producing the film, generally in the following order:

  • The Unit Production Manager (UPM): Responsible for the day to day activities on the set. he is overseen by the line producer and knows what extra lights or equipment they will need for the day ahead or what they need to return, and in general what is happening with everything
  • First Assistant Director: Is the connection between the director and the crew. Basically runs the set and gives cues for moments such as when people need to be quiet on set, when there’s lunch break and when it’s a wrap. He works with the line producer for schedules, breaks down scenes, creates the shot list, hands out releases and supervises the PA’s (production assistants)
  • Second Assistant Director: Works with the First Assistant Director and is in charge of making the call sheets with location addresses and phone numbers, tells actors when they have to be on set and needs to look after the actor’s needs

For the following movie credits order, the names are mostly self-explanatory:

  • Art Director and other art people
  • Set Design and other set people
  • Other Costume and Wardrobe people
  • Make-up people
  • Hair people
  • Camera Operator(s)
  • Script Supervisor: In charge of the continuity of the film
  • Sound Mixer(s)
  • Boom Operator
  • Property Master / Utility: In charge of all the props
  • Location Manager: Responsible for the places that will be used outside the studios
  • Production Coordinator: Manages the production office
  • Other Post-Production people
  • Engineers
  • Foley People: In charge of recording sounds to add to the film such as footsteps
  • Gaffer: Electrician, works with the DP and lights
  • Best Boys: Gaffer’s assistants
  • Grips: Bring all the equipment for lighting and set it were the DP needs it
  • Second Second Assistant Director
  • PAs (Production Assistants)
  • Personal Assistants
  • Accountants
  • Still Photographer
  • Transportation or Teamsters
  • Medics
  • Catering

Producing the Film

It is a huge process, that’s why it needs so many people. This article only mentions some of them, the most important and common ones in every film, but it varies from film to film depending on the budget and its complexity. There can be hundreds of people involved, and all are important for the process. Some positions are more important than others, but all are necessary.

Movie credits or movie titles are valuable to most people who have worked in the movie, because it proves they’ve worked in that specific film and most people, no matter how stressful or overwhelming the work was for them, like to have their name as part of that marvelous whole- The Film.

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